While organizing elopements and exploring the mountains of Colorado for the past year, I’ve learned a thing or two about helping couples get married in the snow. It may take a bit more planning but in the end - IT IS SO WORTH IT. A snowy elopement might be just for you if you

A. LOVE the cheesy Christmas hallmark movies ( such as myself)

B. Can take the cold weather + possible frozen fingers

C. Down to take on any adventure it may throw your way.


Colorado Elopement Locations

Colorado is the perfect winter elopement destination


Rocky Mountain National Park. The most popular place for winter elopements in Colorado by far! The great thing is that winter elopements are not as popular so you're more likely to have peace and quiet and less people passing by. Some locations may be hard to reach in the winter months, but RMNP is plowed and easily accessible all year round.


With an altitude of 9600 winter sticks around a bit longer in Breckenridge. It is home t the cutest airbnbs. Get an A-frame cabin for just the two of you for the greatest getting ready setting for photos. It is home to lots of locations for your elopement. Sapphire Point, Dillon Ice Castles, Alpine lake, and more.


A winter wonderland full of beautiful views. Home to Lost gulch overlook and chautauqua park. It has sweeping views of the Flatirons from the trailhead and limitless possibilities for an iconic moment. 







What should I wear?

  • If you can help it choose a wedding dress with long sleeves. Or find a cute jacket to keep you warm. This helps with any goosebumps or skin redness from the cold. Try to wear wool or fleece tights under your dress. I repeat* DO NOT OP FOR SUPER CUTE SHOES OR HEELS. You need to keep your feet from getting wet, my suggestions are boots that go to your ankle or higher. Matching mittens are always cute to play in the snow together making the perfect picture.

What about Hair + Makeup?

Go for a natural messy look - for ex. waves, loose curls, braids. Sometimes it can be a bit windy on top of mountains so not having to worry about your hair getting messed up is a life saver. Your eyes will tend to water from the cold so make sure to use waterproof mascara. You will get natural rosey cheeks from being outside, so do subtly blush.

Who should I book first?

Your elopement photographer of course. Most elopement photographers such as myself help make the process 100% smoother. From helping with the location and sending suggested vendors in the area. We can help you plan your whole day. So definitely, start with your photographer. Make sure they have experience with winter elopements.


I can not stress this enough but rent a 4-WHEEL DRIVE. The roads get very icy and snowy. The last thing you need is to get stuck going up a mountain. Also just a tip from experience. There’s nothing worse than trying to get moving up a hill on an icy road. Get some inertia going on a flat roadway before you take on the hill. DON'T STOP GOING UP THE HILL.

Grab Your Pocket Warmers & Let's Adventure.

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